Dandiya Songs / Garba Songs Non Stop Mp3 Download 2017

Dandiya Songs / Garba Songs Non Stop Mp3 Download 2017

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Single Download Link

00 Sanedo(www SoundsMarathi Com)14.2 MiB38289
01 Sanedo Gujarat Fame V.2(www SoundsMarathi Com)24.1 MiB18274
02 Sanedo Gujarat Fame (Original)(www SoundsMarathi Com)26.3 MiB12693
03 Mumbai Masti Dandiya Mix(www SoundsMarathi Com)12.3 MiB35434
04 Bhai Bhai - Ram Leela(www SoundsMarathi Com)31.7 MiB16489
05 Dakla With Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)14.8 MiB9992
06 Maa Tujhe Salam - Dandiya Mix(www SoundsMarathi Com)26.4 MiB9604
07 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)55.7 MiB20338
08 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)57.0 MiB9796
09 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)55.7 MiB6591
10 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)57.0 MiB5376
11 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)55.7 MiB4567
12 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)57.0 MiB4202
13 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)55.7 MiB3744
14 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)57.0 MiB4220
15 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)55.7 MiB4969
16 Paras Non Stop Dandiya(www SoundsMarathi Com)57.0 MiB12150

Original Devi Songs 

Aai Bhavani (Gondhal)(www SoundsMarathi Com)10.4 MiB6155
Aali Aali Gondhalala(www SoundsMarathi Com)7.5 MiB2292
Aamba Khelti Zoka(www SoundsMarathi Com)8.3 MiB1942
Amba Bai Tula Parsu Hudakto(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.3 MiB1508
Amba Majhi Ladachi(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.1 MiB1531
Ambhane Sodila Wara(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.8 MiB927
Aradhi Alay Nawa(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.1 MiB762
Bal Magte Navsala(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.1 MiB806
Dhangarachi Banu Gori Paan(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.2 MiB1086
Gaar Dongarachi Hawa(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.2 MiB1012
Gaar Dongarachi Sutli Hawa(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.5 MiB686
Gondhal (Paramparik)(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.3 MiB860
Ka G Amba Bai(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.6 MiB813
Kadak Laxmi Aali(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.3 MiB826
Karuya Udo Udo Ambabaicha(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.0 MiB1019
Mala Pandharila Nela Ga Baya(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.5 MiB599
Mala Tuljapurla Nela G Baya(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.8 MiB715
Natha Hay Nakat(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.5 MiB566
Navchandi Madhi Yatra Bharli(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.8 MiB633
Raval Ghumtaya Kas(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.0 MiB460
Satsamundar Aatle Ga Baai(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.3 MiB678
Tu Sawali Ambabai(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.8 MiB694
Tulja Bhavani(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.0 MiB771
Tuljapurala Gele Baya(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.9 MiB533
Udhe G Ambe Udhe(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.7 MiB1114
Yad Bai Nighali Panyal(www SoundsMarathi Com)7.2 MiB727
Yedabai Ladachi(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.3 MiB713

Devi Aarti 

01 Durg Durgat Bhari(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.3 MiB2364
02 Mahalaxmi Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.8 MiB1231
03 Ambabai Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.7 MiB1495
04 Renuka Mata Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.5 MiB866
05 Saptashringi Devi Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.1 MiB798
06 Tuljha Bhavani Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.6 MiB991
07 Ekveera Devi Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.9 MiB819
08 Kalubai Devi Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.3 MiB883


Garba Songs

Hindus around the world celebrate the festival Navratri that usually falls in September and October. Apart from different rituals, ceremonies, and fasts, people on this occasion perform a distinctive kind of dance in bright costumes swirling in union around the holy statue of Hindu goddess while drummer plays the Dhol. The distinct dance is known as Garba dance. The devotees perform Garba to honor Goddess Durga.The dance originated in the state of Gujarat but now has become popular in the entire India.In fact, Garba songshave also become popular, especially among youths across India.

Garba songs in movies

From Bollywood to local film industry, Garba songs have been featured in movies across many film industries. As a matter of fact, it has become an ideal way to boost romantic movies or to display romantic part of movies. You will find actors and actress performing this dance in colorful costumes in many movies. If a movie has some Gujarati story, then the director doesn’t miss adding this song. Itincreasesthe glamour in a movie.

Even the small-screen industry is aware of the potential of these songs, and so they don’t miss to feature it. The Indian family TV shows take it as an easy-way to boost TRPs. For past years, these songs have proved this fact as well. Moreover, the Hollywood movie Bride and Prejudice has also featured it.

Mesmerizing songs

When it comes to pleasing earbuds, these songs are no less than the top songs. Usually, they include lots Dhool beats, Drums, and other musical instruments teamed with Gujrati vocals. Together they all create a mesmerizing song. Besides, it is a perfect tune for dancing not just the traditional style but for Hip-hop and Break Dance as well.

Colourful costumes in songs

Both men and women wear colorful dresses in these songs. The present day Garba is massively shaped by Dandiya Raas which is a traditional Gujarati dance performed by men. They participate in this dance ceremony by wearing colorful costumes. The girls wear Chaniya Choli which is a heavily embroidered dress. Choli is the upper costume, while Chaniya is the bottom wear similar to long skirts. They also get heavily ornamented by traditional jewelry like Jhumkas, Payal, Kangans, Chudas, etc. While the boys wear a unique top wear called Ghagra and Kafni Pyjamas as a bottom wear.  Besides, they wear Pagadi on the head.

Popular Dandiya songs

Here is the list of some popular Garba songs that you can try. They are from popular movies featuring biggest Bollywood stars and mind-blowing music. They have ruled this section for many years.

  • Dholi Taro from the movie Hum dil de chuke sanam
  • Shubhaarambh from the movie Kai Po Che!
  • Sheronwali from the movie Suhaag
  • Nagada Sang Dhol from the movie Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela
  • Re Gori from the movie Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage
  • Dola Dola from the movie Bride and Prejudice
  • Radha Kaise Na Jale from the movie Lagaan
  • Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi song from Falguni Pathak
  • Gunji Aangna Mein Shehnai from the movie Life Partner
  • Yehi Hai Pyar from the movie Aa Ab Laut Chalen

Apart from entertaining us, the Garba songs alsogive a glimpse of vibrantand majestic Indian culture.