Ganpati Songs DJ Mix Mp3 Free Download

Ganpati Songs DJ Mix Mp3 Free Download

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Ganpati DJ Songs

01 Gajanana Gajanana (Tapori) - SR Production(www SoundsMarathi Com)8.3 MiB5077
02 Deva Gana Gana (Aadarsh Shinde) - Remix - Noisy Sounds (NS)(www SoundsMarathi Com)8.1 MiB3591
03 The Power Of Bambaiya Style Original - DJ Saurabh Mumbai(www SoundsMarathi Com)10.4 MiB2914
04 Bappa Trending - Official Remix - Noisy Sounds (NS) (SoundsMarathi Com)8.8 MiB2565
05 Gajanana Shree - DJ AVI RMD(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.0 MiB2413
06 Bappa (Banjo) - Noisy Sounds (NS) & DJ AK (www SoundsMarathi Com)8.6 MiB2384
07 Ganraya Morya - DJ Pratik PRK Remix (www SoundsMarathi Com)12.0 MiB2067
08 Bappa Morya Re - DJ Pedro (www SoundsMarathi Com)6.3 MiB2462
09 Morya Morya - DJ Nitesh & DJ YcT(www SoundsMarathi Com)7.8 MiB2490
10 Ekadantay Vakratunday (Intro) -DJ Shubham Mix (SoundsMarathi Com)7.2 MiB2828

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Ganpati Original Songs

01 Ganpati Majha Nachat Aala(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.2 MiB7069
02 Pratham Tula Me(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.3 MiB3498
03 Sukh Karta Dukh Harta(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.6 MiB3443
04 Sukhkarta Dukhartaa(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.8 MiB1979
05 Ganpati Bappa Morya Mangalmurti Morya(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.5 MiB3764
06 Ghalin Lotangan(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.1 MiB2073
07 Chikmotyachi Mal(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.2 MiB2383
08 Morya Mi Tujhe Baal Tanhe(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.5 MiB1905
09 Payala Naman(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.4 MiB1988
10 Tujhi Seva Ganraya(www SoundsMarathi Com)7.4 MiB1793
11 Majhiya Manacha Chandani Manchak(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.8 MiB1391
12 Ganan Ghungaroo(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.4 MiB1809
13 Tim Tim Timbali(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.2 MiB2269
14 Chala Ki Raya Jau Baghaya(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.2 MiB1520
15 Om Gananath Ganpati(www SoundsMarathi Com)7.3 MiB1812
16 Aale Aale Ghari Ganpati(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.3 MiB2065
17 Dev Lakhat Tu Ek(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.3 MiB1647
18 Ganpatichya Payamadhi Vaje Ghungaru(www SoundsMarathi Com)6.1 MiB1779
19 Gauri Ganpati Aale Ga Baai (www SoundsMarathi Com)5.4 MiB2051
20 Shree Ganesha He Jagdisha(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.0 MiB2095

Ganpati Aarti & Stotra

01 Sukh Karta Dukh Harta(www SoundsMarathi Com)4.6 MiB384
02 Ghalin Lotangan(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.4 MiB194
03 Shendurlal Chadhayo(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.5 MiB320
04 Ranjan Gaavala(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.5 MiB299
05 Moraya Re(www SoundsMarathi Com)7.8 MiB284
06 Mangalmurti Aarti(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.8 MiB241
07 Ganpati Stotra(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.9 MiB250
08 Ganjananam Bhuta Ganadi(www SoundsMarathi Com)3.8 MiB184
09 Jhul Jhul Vahe(www SoundsMarathi Com)2.8 MiB316
10 Ganesh Gayatri Mantra(www SoundsMarathi Com)5.5 MiB244
11 Ganraj Rangee Nachto (www SoundsMarathi Com)4.0 MiB304
12 Dam Dam Damru Baje (www SoundsMarathi Com)4.8 MiB450


Ganpati Songs

Soon, the most awaited festival aka Pooja Ganesh Chaturthi will be there to celebrate. This 10-day Hindu festival has the most lavish and lively celebration, especially in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The celebration of the elephant-headed Hindu God Ganesh began right from the day first. This festival is observed in around the month of September every year. The complete environment becomes religious during these days. Have you ever wondered what resource contribute the maximum in making us mesmerize in the devotion of Lord Ganesh? Well, it is none other than Ganpati songs. From loudspeakers at every corner of the street to even radios and television of every home are ruled by devotional Ganpati songs.

People love them even on normal days.

Apart from Ganesh Chaturthi, people love to listen to Ganpati songs on normal days. During the early morning, you will find Ganesh Aarti playing in every second home in Maharashtra.  People even store these songs in their iPods, smartphones, Laptops and other gadgets, so, they can enjoy them in their spare time. There are many people who find peace in these songs. Therefore, they listen to it thousands of times. These songs also contain special Lord Ganesha’s mantra and holy hymns that bring the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Bollywood’s devotion that displays through Ganpati songs

Even the Bollywood couldn’t stop itself from falling in the devotion of the great Lord Ganesha. It is the reason, you will find Ganpati songs in hundreds of blockbuster movies. Some producers and director even consider Ganpati songs as a formula to make their movie a blockbuster. They are the ardent believer of this almighty. Perhaps, it is the reason they integrate a song dedicated to Lord Ganesha in their movies even though the script doesn’t demand it. Besides, a scene of Ganesha Chaturthi is incomplete without Ganpati songs. Almost all the top singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Jagjit Singh, and others have voiced Ganpati song, at least once in their singing career. Even the legendary Bollywood’s Shahenshah Amitabh Bachan has voiced a Ganpati song named Shree Shidhivinayank Mantra.

The devotion of small screen

Even the small screen is not behind in expressing their devotion towards this almighty. The daily soaps and TV series with a genre of family drama always includes the Ganpati songs and Pooja. From Balaji Telefilms to even Zee media, every TV series production organization has included Ganpati songs, at least in one episode in their popular TV series. They knew it is a pathway to get some serious TRPs.

Cool Ganpati songs that you should try

Here is the list of popular Ganpati songs. Some ruled for many years in the music industry while some are comparatively new but a good one to try.

  • Sindoor Laal Dhadayao from the movie Vaastav
  • Ganpati Bappa Agle Baras from the movie Aasoo Bane Angaarey
  • Deva Ho Deva Ganpati Deva Tum Se Badhkar Kaun from the movie Humse Badhkar Kaun
  • Mourya Re from the movie Don
  • Deva Shree Ganesha from the movie Agneepath

Ganpati songs are not just for devoting yourself to the Lord, but they have a great blend of music and vocal. You can try them from even if you don’t worship him. Your ear buds would get delighted to hear them.